New Zealand - carbon footprint figures

An AgResearch study has revealed a CO2-e for New Zealand sheep meat is 14.73/kg and 21.95/kg for beef.

Brazil - record pig slaughter

A new record of 14.37m pigs were processed in Brazil during Q3 2022, up 2.1% on the previous quarter, which was also the highest since records began in 1997 (IBGE Brazil).

UK - further increase in inflation

Food price inflation in the UK increased to 16.2% in the year to October 2022, the highest level since 1977, with overall inflation rising to 11.1%.

Canada - compensation for farmers for trade agreement

The Canadian government announced this week a $1.7bn (€1.2bn) fund for dairy, poultry and egg producers and processors to compensate for market access granted in the Canada-US-Mexico trade deal.