Today I have two great one-pan family meals. I love recommending chicken thighs because they are full of flavour and good value. I always prefer the corn-fed chicken. There are leeks in this recipe and I think they are really underused. In France they are used a lot and they are referred to as the poor man’s asparagus. If you like, you could add a little white wine or some cider to this recipe for a little extra taste.

The Spanish seafood stew is very easy to make. For people who do not like fish, you could substitute chicken here. Monkfish is the ideal fish to use but it is quite expensive. The small monk tails are better value than the large ones. You could use brill instead, which is a good price. Or I like halibut. Simply Better have excellent king prawns. I like to use good-quality, whole Italian plum tomatoes and simply crush them up with my hands as I find the flavour is just so much better than from the chopped variety. And for a final flourish, this is a beautiful meal with smoked paprika. It is a great spice to keep in your cupboard.