Pöttinger is expanding its product offering in the tillage range by offering various implements for crop care including a range of mechanical hoes. Pöttinger will be partnering with CFS Cross Farm Solution, which is also an Austrian agricultural machinery manufacturer.

The details on the new machines won’t be presented until later this spring. Pöttinger has said the new venture closes one of the last gaps in its range.

We can expect to see this new kit sporting Pöttinger colours in action in the field starting from 1 August this year.

Crop care

The move comes as Pöttinger recognises that the reduction of chemical pesticides and government subsidies means farmers are confronted with new challenges, which will impact the choice of equipment used.

In addition to taking over the products, the two founders of CFS, as well as several other employees, will join Pöttinger.

“We are convinced that we have taken an important step for the future by taking over the CFS products and welcoming their employees on board. With this new product segment, we are closing the gap that we previously had in our range of arable farming products. Thanks to our new partners, we now have excellent competence in this sector to ensure our ongoing path to success for the best soil,” said spokesperson Gregor Dietachmayr.