The second annual Ag Mental Health Week, a health awareness campaign to support the agriculture community, will take place from 10-16 October.

The campaign aims to reduce the stigma around suicide and mental health, and to highlight the importance of prioritising mental well-being within the agriculture industry.

The global agricultural community and its supporters can join the conversation on social media using #AgMentalHealthWeek and follow @AgMentalHealthWeek on Twitter and Instagram.

Get out and get active

To further promote the prioritisation of mental health and wellness, anyone connected to the agriculture industry is encouraged to take a one-mile walk or run on 13 October.

Participants are asked to take a photo along their journey and post it to their social media pages using #MileForMentalWellbeing. Organisers hope the activity will unite the agricultural community around the world and highlight the crucial importance of taking breaks, enjoying nature and clearing our minds.

Ag Mental Health Week will begin on World Mental Health Day and will feature daily social posts with wellbeing tips and panel discussions that explore mental health issues from various perspectives.

The panel discussions will be streamed live on the Ag Mental Health Week Facebook page and will include:

  • Racheal McGrath, a young Australian dairy farmer, Conor Hammersley, a Teagasc Ph.D. scholar from Ireland, and Jessica Sperber, a student pursuing a Ph.D. in ruminant nutrition at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
  • Minister Martin Heydon from Ireland and Minister Bloyce Thompson from Canada.

    Dr. Rachel Ward from BBC Breakfast, Lizzie Locket, The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons CEO, and a guest panel of veterinary surgeons from around the world.

  • It will also include family members of loved ones who have faced a mental health crisis.
  • Ag Mental Health Week aims to highlight activities and resources that support mental health. Related charities and services are urged to get involved by planning events during the week, and agriculture students are encouraged to focus on making a positive difference during the week, such as hosting a fundraiser for their local support services.

    Ag Mental Health Week was founded in 2020 by Cork dairy farmers Peter and Paula Hynes.

    The timetable for panel discussions is listed below an will take place at 1:30pm each day on the Ag Mental Health Week Facebook page:

  • 10 October : young farmers
  • 11 October : politicians
  • 12 October : doctors/GPs
  • 13 October : veterinary surgeons
  • 14 October : agri-industry
  • 15 October : support services
  • 16 October : family members
  • To join the conversation on social media search @AgMentalHealthWeek on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook or AgMentalHealthWeek.