For over 30 years Maxol Lubricants has been the lubricants of choice in the agriculture sector in Ireland, providing farmers with a range of oils specifically developed for farm machinery, tractors, and excavators. Maxol has been at the heart of communities across Ireland for over 100 years and as a family business and with most farms being family-run, they understand the impact that farm accidents can have.

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In 2021, approximately 113 farm accidents were recorded, with nine people losing their lives. The actual number is likely to be considerably higher as many farm accidents are not recorded.

Farm safety should be at the core of every farm operation from livestock management to machinery maintenance. Choosing the correct lubricants for any farm machinery should be an important part of every farm’s safety strategy.

The correct choice of lubricant for a particular application on a farm is particularly important in that it protects the machines' moving parts, increasing service intervals, reducing down-time and financial outlay giving the operator more time to safely concentrate on the job in hand.

There are many types of lubricants used on a farm including engine oils, back-end oils, hydraulic oils, gear oils, antifreeze, coolants and various types of greases. Lubricants by their nature reduce friction, prevent wear, and reduce the temperature by separating two moving parts with a thin film of oil or grease helping to prolong the life of the machine and reduce maintenance costs to the farmer.


Maxol Lubricants helps farms move in the right direction by providing farmers with lubricants that they can trust. This trust has been developed over the past 30 years and Maxol proudly stand by the quality of their lubricants so that their customers can be assured that they are getting the best preforming and highest specification lubricants available on the market.

Speaking on the role of farm safety, principal of Salesian Agricultural College Derek O'Donoghue said: “We deliver a specific module on farm safety and farm assurance. For farmers of the future and those which we are training, safety is hugely important.”

“No student or farmer wants to go out with the intention of causing an accident or getting injured. We teach our students to carry out daily safety checks on all machinery prior to leaving the yard or undertaking any work.”

With authorised distributors across Ireland, Maxol Lubricants continues to grow and adapt to meet farmers' needs and support the agriculture industry. To find out more about the Maxol Lubricants range, please phone 01 806 0300 or email