The Irish Farmers Journal and Teagasc have teamed up to bring you Crops and cover crop cultivations this June.

On Wednesday 21 June, Teagasc will display all of its crops research in Oak Park, Co Carlow, and attendees can travel the field looking at aphid towers to monitor numbers, cereal disease control, protein crops, water quality, varieties and much, much more.

Along the way, they can step into the machinery arena, where the team at the Irish Farmers Journal and Teagasc will talk about the benefits of cover crops and describe the different methods of cultivations and sowing available for cover crops.

From a roller with paddles to a disc with a spinner to a direct drill, there will be seven different categories of machines on display and multiple different brands.

From seed beds to challenges, we will tackle your questions and show you some of the advantages and positives of cover crops.

Mechanical and robotic weeders

There will also be a demo showing mechanical weeders and robotic weeders working in vegetable crops.

As we look towards a future in the EU where chemical use is being reduced, this type of technology will become more common and the horticultural demo will be one for all to see and take some ideas from.

Keep an eye on the Irish Farmers Journal in print and online for updates on Crops and cover crop cultivations.