Tuam Mart’s first sheep sale of 2024 included a clearance sale of 50 ewes lambing from 20 January to a Texel ram.

The ewes sold in a solid manner, with prices ranging from €164 to €198 and averaging just over the €180/head mark.

The ewes were a mixture of Suffolk, Texel-cross, Bluefaced Leicester-cross and crossbred ewes carrying an average of 1.8 to two lambs and marketed as second and third crop.

Lambs weighing in excess of 50kg sold on average from €98 to €105 with the weight, with a selection of excellent-quality fleshed lambs selling to €107 to €109 with the weight.

Plainer-quality or lambs lacking flesh sold back to €92 to €97 over the weight. There was a big differential in prices paid for lighter lambs, depending on flesh cover.

Lambs weighing 45kg to 48kg sold from €90 to €95 with the weight for fleshed lots and back to €80 to €85 over the weight for store types.

Cull ewes

The entry of cull ewes was similar to lambs, with some excellent-quality heavy ewes on offer.

Large-framed ewes weighing upwards of 90kg sold from €140 to €170.

Ewes weighing 80kg to 85kg sold from €110 to €136 with quality, flesh cover and potential carcase quality dictating prices paid.

In pictures

These good-quality Charollais-cross lambs weighing 47.6kg sold for €150 each.

These mainly Texel-cross lambs weighing 51.5kg sold for €153 each.

This batch of 11 fleshed cull ewes weighing 90.5kg sold for €156 each.

This batch of 16 fleshed cull ewes weighing 78kg sold for €128 each.

This batch of eight Suffolk cull ewes weighing 88kg sold for €144 each.

Five Suffolk in-lamb ewes with three carrying twin lambs, one triplet and one single topped the in-lamb ewe sale at €198 each.

This batch of Bluefaced Leicester-cross in-lamb ewes with four carrying twin lambs, one triplet and one single sold for €180 each.

This batch of 15 Suffolk and Texel-cross cull ewes weighing 90k sold for €150 each.