Nitrates rule changes for 2024
Declan Collins
Declan Collins looks at some of the changes to the nitrates rules for all farmers in 2024.
10 February 2024 Management
10 key principles to optimally utilise colostrum
From providing lambs with a rapid energy boost and natural antibodies to disease colostrum has numerous properties to give lambs the best possible start in life.
29 January 2024 Management
How much protein should there be in dairy rations?
Aidan Brennan takes a look at what is an appropriate level of crude protein in dairy rations in springtime.
Dairy Management: profit, Nitrates and the straw shortage.
Aidan Brennan takes a look at how to get the best use from straw, whats new in Nitrates for 2024 and looks at profit for 2023.
24 January 2024 Management
Dairy farmers in derogation secure concessions
Agriculture Water Quality Working Group recommendations could enable derogation farmers to retain five to six cows that would otherwise have been culled due to the derogation changes.
17 January 2024 News
Sheep Management: supplementary feeding and winter shearing
A high percentage of flocks should now be assessing winter diet options for ewes, with feed reserves built up during autumn now, in most cases, depleted.
10 January 2024 Management
UCD to review Teagasc nitrates figures
The meetings of the Water Quality Working Group take place in the backdrop of the derogation dropping from 250kg N/ha to 220kg N/ha.
20 December 2023 News
Decision due next week on nitrates mitigation measures
The water quality group will make a decision by next week on research presented by Teagasc on measures that would allow farmers some flexibility on the upcoming 220kg N/ha limit.
8 December 2023 News
Vets have a 'critical role' to play in reducing emissions from agriculture
Animal health is a key driver of efficiency on farms, director of Teagasc Frank O'Mara said.
26 October 2023 News
Reducing the carbon footprint of winter milk
While winter milk production carries a higher carbon footprint compared to spring milk production, the sector may find it easier to reduce emissions, writes Aidan Brennan.
21 October 2023 Liquid Milk
Research shows scope to change dairy cow diets
Both phosphorus and crude protein can be lowered in dairy cow diets without a negative impact on performance
11 October 2023 Northern Ireland
Creating the correct ration: the key ingredients
Martin Merrick looks at some of the most common ingredients and the role they play in a ration.
8 October 2023 Feed