John Stone Beef shuts its home delivery service
Adam Woods
The firm branched out into a home delivery service in 2020 just before Covid-19 struck; it will continue to supply its hotel and restaurant customers.
20 April 2022 News
Europe’s Cogeca president visits Kilkenny Twenty20 Beef Club farm
A European farmer representative has visited a Kilkenny farm to witness the benefits of a more sustainable dairy calf-to-beef system.
28 January 2022 News
Additional bonus secured for Hereford beef
The Irish Hereford Prime producer group has secured an additional bonus for its Hereford beef for the coming months.
The Irish beef factory mix
While the Irish beef market is dominated by ABP, Dawn and Kepak, it is nowhere near as consolidated as the US and there remains a strong independent factory sector.
27 January 2022 News
ABP launch bonus scheme for suppliers
ABP one of the country’s largest beef processors have launched an integrated supply scheme where farmers will be a bonus on cattle if certain conditions are met
19 January 2022 News