There’s plenty of choice on the spring barley list this season with eight varieties in total.

Two varieties have been provisionally recommended this year for the first time - Gretchen and Rockway.

Geraldine, Skyway and SY Amity have all been fully recommended. No varieties have exited the list.

The Department has stated that data for straw characteristics and disease resistance is limited for both provisionally recommended varieties – Gretchen and Rockway - on the spring barley list.



Gangway has the highest hectolitre weight of all the varieties at 69.4kg/hl. It is one of the control varieties for relative yield and has a score of 98. It has a high score for resistance to straw breakdown with a score of 7. It rates well on resistance to net blotch with a score of 8.



Geraldine tops the list on yield, has fairly good straw strength and scores impressively on disease resistance, with a resistance rating of 8 for net blotch and 7 for rhynchosporium. It’s also in one the top half of varieties for hectolitre weight.

RGT Planet

RGT Planet.

Planet will no doubt remain popular among growers who have grown to really like it. It’s been consistent for many years.

It was first listed in 2017 and comes in at 102 on relative yield. Grain quality is still matching many other varieties as well. It’s disease resistance profile has fallen back slightly.



The top performer on relative yield with a score of 105, Skyway rates well on resistance to rhynchosporium with a score of 7.

It’s a tall variety with a hectolitre weight of 68.1, so it’s on the higher end of the scale.

SY Amity

SY Amity.

SY Amity has the highest thousand grain weight (TGW) on the list at 53.8g and has the lowest screenings on the list at 0.8%.

It scores an 8 for resistance to net blotch and a 7 for resistance to lodging. It’s high on relative yield with a score of 104.

SY Errigal

SY Errigal has good straw quality and a very good disease resistance profile scoring an 8 for net blotch and mildew, 7 for brown rust and 5 for rhynchosporium.


At a relative yield of 103, Gretchen has very good straw characteristics and excellent disease resistance scores, based on limited data.

It has an 8 for net blotch and a 7 for rhynchosporium. It has the second highest thousand grain weight on the list.


Rockway is another high variety for relative yield at 104. It’s not an early ripener, but rates well on resistance to lodging and straw breakdown.

It’s one of the top performers on hectolitre weight and has a good disease resistance profile based on limited data.