US coffee giant Starbucks are opting to move away from the use of dairy milk in their products towards alternative plant-based drinks. The company has introduced three new coffees to their menu using plant-based milk alternatives instead of dairy.

Almond milk is used in their honey flat whites and their lattes now contain coconut milk instead of dairy. This year has also seen the introduction of oat milk to their honey lattes in their American shops this year. However, their European shops have had these options since 2018.


The trend of dairy-free products is not new to the chain, however, as the company introduced soy as a milk alternative over 20 years ago. The growing trend towards veganism, coupled with global concern over climate change has prompted the company to expand its line of dairy-free products.

Product developer at Starbucks Raegan Powell said: “Customers are looking for more ways to personalise their beverages. We love how the nuanced flavour you get with plant-based drinks pairs with espresso, either hot or iced. It’s a new way to start your new year.”

The move is another blow to the struggling US liquid milk market.

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