The Enterprise Ireland Innovation Arena at the National Ploughing Championships is a chance to showcase the latest innovations in the ag-technology space.

This year, French-based ag-tech startup Sencrop was among the exhibitors in the tent and was nominated to take part in in the innovation awards.

The company will be familiar to Irish Farmers Journal readers, as, earlier in the year, we partnered with the company to install 24 Sencrop weather stations around the country, in conjunction with our From the Tramlines series.

The company design and market agricultural IoT, data collection equipment and agri-environmental data management software for precision farming across Ireland, UK and Europe.

We caught up with Genevieve Baumann of Sencrop at the Ploughing Championships to see how they got on at the event.

Watch the full video below:

Sencrop at the National Ploughing Championships 2019 from Irish Farmers Journal on Vimeo.

Irish Farmers Journal weather

The Irish Farmers Journal live weather page is now available on our app.

Earlier in the year, we installed 24 weather stations on each of the 12 farms participating in our From the Tramlines programme.

Irish Farmers Journal live weather is available on our app.

Two stations were placed on each farm and they record rainfall, temperature, humidity, wind speed, gusts and wind direction.

Live data from each station is beamed directly to the app for readers to view, but they will also be able to access historical data ranging from one hour ago to one month.

Simply update the app on your Apple or Android device to the latest version to access the live weather tab.

The weather page is also available on your desktop.

Irish Farmers Journal weather page available at

Have a Sencrop station?

If you have a Sencrop weather station, we want to hear from you.

Our weather station network is growing and, over the past month, we’ve added an additional 12 stations across six sites to the system.

The live weather data from these sites will be available through the website very soon.

If you have a Sencrop weather station and are interested in joining our network, contact Stephen Robb (

If you join our growing weather station network, you will receive a year’s free digital subscription to the Irish Farmers Journal.

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Live weather now available on Irish Farmers Journal app

Irish Farmers Journal weather with Sencrop