With marts now in lockdown, dairy farmers have no option but to sell from farm to farm. With no bidding ongoing, it is important that you know what various types of calves are selling for.

Friesian bull calves are reducing in supply. In ICBF data shows that the average Friesian bull calf has seen prices ease week on week for the last few weeks. Last week they sold for €40/head on average. However, reports from mart managers and from MartBids data show that average prices strengthened slightly at the start of this week. The average Friesian bull on Monday and Tuesday was selling for €40/head to €50/head, with stronger three-week-old calves averaging around €50/head. Having that said, there are still a large proportion of Friesian bull calves selling from €320/head to €30/head; these are mainly lesser-quality two-week-old types. Exporters are still active for these and also are quite active for Angus bull calves.