As we can draw a direct link to cost of inputs and farm incomes, all eyes continue to be fixed on the rise of fertiliser prices. This top-spec Kverneland Exacta CL 2,000l Disc Spreader will set you back €12,500, so it’s a fantastic opportunity for farmers looking to cut the cost of investment and inputs involved in fertiliser spreading.

Kverneland’s unique approach to precision spreading involves matching fertiliser quality and density to the spreading charts as closely as possible. The essential parameters to adjust the spreader correctly are the physical properties of your chosen fertiliser and not the name or nutrient content - it is the science behind ballistics.

Checking the exact properties of your fertiliser i.e size and distribution of granules, allows you to select the exact correct spreader setting for optimal accuracy. Exact advice for each working width, application rate and driving speed is available on the Kverneland spreading chart app or at .

The Kverneland Range

The Kverneland Exacta range has a unique feature, the CentreFlow spreading system. It is this central, smooth acceleration of the granules that prevents fragmentation and ensures the spreading characteristics of your valuable fertiliser are maintained when it reaches the spreading vanes. On the CL model, discs with eight vanes allow a spreading width up to 24m. A double overlap spread pattern results in a homogeneous spreading pattern with maximum accuracy, even on slopes or in windy conditions.

The Exacta range includes the CL GEOSPREAD, TL GEOSPREAD and TLX GEOSPREAD, all offering precision farming functionalities. All Kverneland’s GEOSPREAD models adjust the application rate to the driving speed of the machine. The weighing system ensures a correct spreading rate, even on hills or in bumpy conditions, thanks to the four load cells, reference sensor and automatic calibration system. GPS-controlled section control ensures precise location of fertiliser in the field by combining a variable discharge point with rate control. Variable rate control allows for a perfect dosing of two rates of fertiliser to be applied in one pass, resulting in fertiliser savings.

How to enter

To enter the competition, all you need to do is answer four questions posed in the Irish Farmers Journal. Each week, a question with multiple choice answers will be published. Simply select the correct answer, fill in your details and return to the offices of Kverneland Group Ireland.

If you wish to enter the competition online just follow the QR code on the printed advert or click this link.

Closing date for entry is the 28 February 2022. You must be over 18 years of age to enter with a valid e-mail address for notification.