Agritags are looking forward to their first full season of being able to market cattle tags in Ireland. The company were inadvertently omitted from last week’s animal identification article, which reviewed what tag suppliers were offering for the 2021 tag season, along with an overview of prices on the most popular tag types.

Agritags has been supplying Irish retailers with animal identification eartags for over 50 years and as a Department of Agriculture approved supplier of sheep tags under the Agritags brand since 1999.

Their approval by the Department of Agriculture to supply cattle tags to the Irish market occurred earlier this year.

“Easy to use”

A company spokesperson said: “We provide excellent customer service with a five-day turnaround and free replacement tags.

“Our tags have a 99.3% retention rate and to facilitate any farmer who wants to switch, we are also offering a free BVD tagger with their first order.

“We also have the lowest-cost tags on the market for electronic and visual tag and tissue sets.

“Technically, our tags are very easy to use – their design ensures free rotation, which means less infection.

“A high silicone content also ensures a flexible and malleable tag that is less likely to get caught in feeders. We also run regular customer draws for relevant livestock handling equipment.”


The cost for the standard visual and tissue tag set is €2.85, while an electronic and tissue tag set costs €3.89. A replacement visual tag is priced at €2.21 with a set at €3.05, while a replacement electronic tag costs €3.44.

The price for a replacement BVD button tag is €1.77, with all prices listed including VAT.