The closing date for comments and submissions to the wool feasibility study is 5.30pm on Friday 2 April 2021.

The full details, including a template document to accompany submissions, is available of the Department of Agriculture website at - wool feasibility study under ‘Consultations’.

Submissions must be submitted via email to

Terms of reference

The study has a fund of €100,000 and under the proposed terms of reference the following work will be undertaken:

  • Identify market opportunities domestically and internationally for wool-based products.
  • Carry out economic feasibility and cost benefit analysis on proposed market opportunities.
  • Determine mechanisms that could be used to support industry initiatives.
  • Identify potential research projects applicable to supporting the identified market opportunities.
  • Submissions on potential market opportunities are also being invited.

    Submissions on potential market opportunities should include the following:

  • Individual/company name and address.
  • Relevant experience to the wool industry.
  • Details of proposal (maximum of 400 words).
  • Methodology proposed.
  • Approximate costing.
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