The beef trade remains steady this week, with no major changes to quotes.

Most cattle being killed tomorrow will have been bought late last week, with this week’s trading starting a day later than usual due to the bank holiday Monday.

This could play into the factories’ hands a little, with four days’ maximum killing in plants.

Demand has been very firm and this is expected to continue.

Bullocks continue to trade at €4.25/kg to €4.30/kg. There are one or two factories trying to buy bullocks at €4.20/kg but so far they have been unsuccessful in doing so.


Heifers remain at €4.30/kg to €4.35/kg, with good appetite in all factories for good-quality heifers and especially good demand for Aberdeen Angus or Hereford heifers.

Flat deals of as high as €4.70/kg are being paid to secure Aberdeen Angus cattle in some factories.

Northern Ireland-based processors are also moving into the border counties to boost supplies.

Flat deals of €4.50/kg and higher are on the table for R grading heifers, with leniency on fat grades.

Some agents are reporting cattle killing very well off grass, with very good fat covers.

Farmers who are finishing cattle should handle cattle regularly to determine level of finish to avoid penalties for overfat cattle. This is especially the case where earlier-maturing animals from the dairy herd are being finished.


The cow trade also remains steady, with €4.00/kg still on the table for U grades.

Good R grading suckler cows are still on €3.85/kg to €3.90/kg.

O grading cows are coming in at €3.75/kg to €3.80/kg, while P grading cows are working off €3.60/kg to €3.70/kg.

The cow trade has continued to improve across the water in recent weeks. According to AHDB, the estimated cow slaughter stands at 291,000 head for the year to date, down 5% on the same period a year ago.

Young bulls

The young bull trade remains steady, with €4.20/kg to €4.25/kg on the table in most factories.

Older bulls continue to work off €4.20/kg to €4.25/kg for R grades, with €4.30/kg to €4.35/kg being paid for U grading animals.