There continues to be a huge reaction to the details around the new suckler scheme - the National Beef Welfare Scheme (NBWS).

The Irish Farmers Journal livestock team has been inundated with calls, texts and emails from farmers expressing their frustration about the funding for the scheme and the inclusion of IBR testing as a requirement as part of the scheme.

Many farmers feel that the IBR testing element will do very little for their herd and some are worried about the implications of testing and what that could mean for selling animals in the future.

Farmers are also frustrated that, in some cases, the scheme will cost them money if they meal feed all the calves in their herd, but only get compensated to feed 40.


On the other hand, the scheme is still an important avenue to get critical funding into the suckler herd and while the scheme is far from perfect, farmers should think twice before not applying for the scheme.

Based on all the feedback and questions, the Irish Farmers Journal has decided to run a special webinar on Thursday 7 September from 7pm to 8pm.

On the webinar, we will go through the scheme, how farmers can apply, what the payment rates are and discuss and address some of the issues that farmers have with the scheme.

Donal Lynch MRCVS will go through everything in relation to IBR and what it means for cattle farms. A Department of Agriculture spokesperson will also be on the webinar to answer reader questions on the new scheme.

If you have a question on the NBWS, you can email it to or Whatsapp it to 086-836 6465 and we will get it answered on the night.