There was a good bite to trade at Castleisland Co-operative Mart’s annual fat stock show and sale on Wednesday last.

A slight pull-back in beef prices over recent weeks failed to dampen bidding activity, with demand strong for the forward heavy store cattle that dominated the sale.

With over 900 head on show, there was a super display of stock available across both suckler- and dairy-bred stock.

The show champion, a January 2021-born Belgian Blue bullock weighing 696kg, made €2,500 (€3.59/kg).

The balance of heavier continental cattle pushing for or just over 30 months weren’t too far behind in price.

A good share sold from €1,700 to €2,250, with younger better-conformed stock at the higher end of that range.

On a per-kilo basis, the majority of continental stock sold from €2.20/kg up to €2.85/kg, with a share of well-muscled stock exceeding this range.

Demand was strong for forward Angus and Hereford stock too, with up to €2.45/kg available for the top end of these.

Traditional breed stores needing a bit more feeding were closer to €2.20/kg.

Spring 2021-born Friesian bullocks generally sold for €1.76/kg back to €1.40/kg, with a few falling either side of that price range.

‘Delighted’ with sale

Speaking after the sale, mart manager Neilus McAuliffe said: “We were delighted with how the sale went. Beef price is back slightly lately, but there’s still a very lively trade in the mart.

“There’s good demand for the forward heavy store, especially cattle with good flesh that are quality assured.

“I suppose it’s been a fantastic year for cattle in general. Costs have gone up a bit alright, but good cattle prices have helped.

“The weanling trade has held well and hopefully that will continue, as we’ll have another special weanling sale coming up on 24 September.”

Neilus also commented on what was a strong sale of dry cows on the day, which saw a number of cows come close to making €2.50/kg.

“The cow trade is fantastic all the time. We had an Angus cow that weighed 1,154kg that sold for €2,720 and she wasn’t even in the show.

“A few other cows made over €2,000 too. That good cow trade is keeping a good floor under the trade for the forward dairy-cross store too.”

In pictures

This November 2020-born heifer weighed 600kg and sold for €2,250 (€3.75/kg).

These April 2021-born bullocks weighed 568kg and sold for €1,480 (€2.61/kg).

This March 2020-born bullock weighed 780kg and sold for €1,910 (€2.45/kg).

These February 2021-born bullocks weighed 555kg and sold for €1,330 (€2.40/kg).

This March 2020-born bullock weighed 566kg and sold for €1,340 (€2.37/kg).

This December 2019-born bullock weighed 710kg and sold for €1,740 (€2.45/kg).

This December 2019-born bullock weighed 650kg and sold for €1,850 (€2.85/kg).

This December 2019-born bullock weighed 762kg and sold for €1,770 (€2.32/kg).

This April 2016-born cow weighed 852kg and sold for €2,120 (€2.49/kg).

This January 2020-born bullock weighed 628kg and sold for €2,000 (€3.19/kg).

This September 2020-born heifer weighed 632kg and sold for €1,800 (€2.85/kg).