There was serious demand for forward cattle, with factory agents competing against each other in Bandon Mart on Monday last.

Across bullocks and heifers, forward stock were a great trade.

Prices close to and in excess of €3/kg were achieved on numerous occasions.

Most years, that price is the preserve of the top end of U grading continental weanlings; in Bandon, it was Angus cattle topping the sale, with Herefords not far behind.

Speaking about that forward store trade, mart manager Sean Dennehy said: “We’ve a number of factory agents competing to get those cattle and farmers are being well rewarded at the moment.

“The lighter store trade has picked up a little after dipping a few weeks ago.”

Dry cows were making up to €1,100 with their weight and, with the exception of seven cows, most of the 132 cows on o?er were making at least €300 over the €/kg.

Sucklers took the top prices, but a good share of Friesians made over €2/kg.

There was just under 1,200 calves on o?er for the bank holiday sale on Monday.

Traditional beef breed calves, both bulls and heifers, over 75kg had the best chance of making close to or over €200.

Those over 60kg generally made over €100, while those under 50kg were doing well to break €1/kg.

Continental calves were a shade better than traditional breeds, but were scarce this week. Friesian bull calves were thin on the ground too.

The going rate for most of those under six weeks old was €30 to €70, with stronger calves exceeding this price bracket.

Dennehy was pleased with calf sales this year, with numbers up by 200 on a weekly basis compared with 2021.

“We had a new system for the calf intake this year and it worked well.

“We opened the intake earlier to facilitate farmers and I’d like to acknowledge the commitment of the staff in making this work. With peak season now over calf intake will be opening at 7am.”