Tirlán has announced a €30m support package to assist milk suppliers who are experiencing significant challenges due to the prolonged period of above-average rainfall.

Part of the package is a 3c/l weather payment on all March milk volumes in recognition of the exceptionally challenging weather, which saw rainfall for the month at generally twice the long-term average.

This payment will also be made on March milk volumes in the liquid milk, autumn calving and fixed milk price schemes.

Tirlán will also extend its €30/t weather support payment on GAIN dairy feed until 27 April. This support to milk suppliers was first introduced on 15 March and was due to lapse on 13 April.

The co-op will also increase the proportion of milk payment made as an early interim payment from 50% to 60% for April milk paid in May to boost cashflow.

It will also extend the fertiliser credit scheme to the end of May – this offer of interest-free credit on fertiliser purchases normally ends in March.

Advance payment scheme

Tirlán has also established an advance payment scheme, which will offer cashflow support to milk suppliers.

The scheme is a voluntary one offering milk suppliers an advance on future milk payments of 5c/l, based on March milk volumes. The payment, which will be made to the trading accounts of participating milk suppliers, will offer approximately €3,000 of interest-free cashflow support to an average milk supplier and will be set off against actual milk payments due over the peak months of May, June and July of 2025.


Tirlán chair John Murphy said that the co-op is acutely aware of the challenges being experienced by our farmers at present.

“The exceptional rainfall affecting farmers in our catchment area is causing significant physical, financial and mental stress.

“A key role of a farm family-owned co-op is to support members when challenges arise. The board believes that it is appropriate for the co-op to now utilise some of our resources to support our members.”

Tirlán chief executive designate Seán Molloy said co-op staff are available to provide support to farmers and that a second technical webinar will be held after a very well-attended event on 27 March.

“We are also very conscious of the challenges faced by tillage farmers and are exploring options for support as the situation evolves,” he said.


IFA president Francie Gorman said this is the kind of solidarity that farmers need as they grapple with the dreadful weather conditions.

"Apart from the milk price top-up, there are other measures to help provide feed at a reduced price, and improve cashflow for farmers,” he said.

Gorman said other co-ops and processors should follow the example set by Tirlán and introduce a similar set of measures that will assist farmers through what is a very difficult period.

“IFA had suggested the top-up to the March milk price and it is good to see this forthcoming from Tirlán,” he said.