Offering her own two-cents on an endlessly broad number of topics, Mag would also respond to comments that had been sent into the paper and print responses from readers, too. Let’s just say, it was always quite the interesting read and sometimes things got quite spicy.

From the cost of the deb’s dance (1986), and nylon ‘Long Johns’ (1986), to attitudes to ceili-ing (1962) – here’s a selection of some favourites from over the years...

Mag didn't take too kindly to this reader's envying her job. Perhaps it was a stressful week!

Interesting to hear this reader's perspective on labelling in 1986... not too much has changed.

'Personality Profile' - We see the introduction of a fee of £1.50 for readers letters that are published on Mags Bag page; this reader's thoughts on the fee is very humorous.

Nylon 'Long Johns' - We wonder what this reader would think about the underwear on offer these days for men.

'The Woman Driver' - In this commentary piece, Mag offers a very funny solution to men and women having to share the roads of Ireland.

'Sing for joy' - This reader is not too pleased about children who are a bit more, vocally challenged, let's just say.

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