The majority of 2021-born progeny on Newford Farm are now drafted for slaughter, with just three bullocks remaining on farm.

The latest batch of 21 bullocks drafted on 2 December recorded an average carcase weight of 373.89kg.

The bullocks weighed 678kg pre-slaughter, equating to a kill-out of 55%.

The bullocks ranged in weight from 298.5kg to 419.4kg, with the majority weighing between 350kg and 410kg.

A total of 16 bullocks graded R- / R=, with three O+ grading animals and a couple of R+ grades.

This draft brings the total number of bullocks drafted in 2022 to 40 head.


Analysis completed by Teagasc's Michael Fagan shows the bullocks graded R= on average for conformation and 3- on fat cover.

The average liveweight was 653kg and with an overall kill-out of 55%, this delivered an average carcase weight of 358kg.

All bullocks were young, ranging from 19 to 21 months of age or an average of 20.5 months.

The average sale price was €4.96/kg, with the sale value currently running at €1,776. This includes four animals which missed out on the 20c/kg quality payment system (QPS) bonus by virtue of their fat score of 2=.

Finishing programme

There were four bullocks drafted for slaughter on 31 August off grass. Concentrate supplementation was introduced at a rate of 3kg per head daily on the following day (1 September) to 20 bullocks, with these housed on 7 October.

The remaining 19 bullocks were housed on 21 October. Bullocks were finished on ad lib top-quality 74 DMD silage and 6.5kg concentrates.

Each bullock consumed approximately 250kg concentrates. At a cost of €411/t, this equates to €103 per bullock finished to date. The aim is to draft the final four bullocks before year end.