We love to see regional food lovers coming together to promote their area and delicious producers.

One that took off last year was the Mayo Food and Drink Networking and Training Programme, which this month celebrates its first birthday.

Over the course of the past 12 months, the programme has trained over 140 people from 79 food and drink businesses in the county.

For those looking to get on board, the summer calendar of free training courses is open for bookings and is designed exclusively for producers in Co Mayo.


“We are finding that people are responding really well to our online courses. It suits their needs, saves them from having to travel and takes less time out of their already very busy days”, said programme manager and network facilitator Oonagh Monahan.

“The training courses and networking events are helping producers to develop their businesses, their staff and business owners to grow a sustainable and resilient business, and helping them to make more money.”

If you work in or own a food or drink business in Co Mayo and if you or any of your staff would like to take part, there is still time to get involved as Mayo Food and Drink Networking and Training is running events right up until July.

These include green packaging, content creation for social media, explaining sustainable development goals, email marketing, getting ready to meet the buyer and how food tourism can add to your bottom line.

You can check out and book all of these upcoming training courses and more on www.mayofood.ie.


However, not everything is done online and you can't underestimate the power of networking. There will be two networking events this summer.

The Mayo Table will spotlight the food and drinks producers of Co Mayo, discussing how producers can work together to keep Mayo food and drink on the menus of homes, hotels, in hampers, restaurants and retailers.

There will also be a meet the buyer event, giving producers the opportunity to hear from and talk to retailers, wholesalers, chefs and distributors.

If you would like find out more or to attend any of our courses and events, contact Mayo Food and Drink by email to info@mayofood.ie.

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