Comment: The beginning of the festive period should bolster retail trade and domestic consumption.

However, an air of uncertainty is still cast over the food service sector, with many events being cancelled.

Indoor dining continues as normal. Increased input costs, especially fertiliser and energy, are a concern for growers approaching the 2022 season.

Growers storing potatoes should take note of the cost of energy bills over the months ahead.

Across Europe, there were serious concerns about the possibility of lockdown due to COVID-19, but there is now hope that restrictions will not be as severe as originally expected.

Increased transport, container and energy costs continue to disrupt this year’s export movements.

Export demand remains good, but orders are being cancelled due to logistics.

The North-western European Potato Growers estimates that total production in the four main producing countries, excluding the UK, was “average” at 22.7Mt and 700,000t lower than last year.