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  • ICBF exclusive: Irish Farmers Journal pedigree editor Shane Murphy sits down with ICBF technical director Andrew Cromie for a six-page exclusive Q and A session.
  • The figures you need to know: we take an in-depth look at the beef, dairy and sheep sectors. With growth in dairy herd numbers and a decline in suckler herds, we examine how our national herd has changed in recent years.
  • Surge in dairy beef calves: some pedigree breeds are seeing the benefit, while others are starting to struggle.
  • WHPR programme: we examine the data over the last three years from the WHPR programme and see the top performers on key performance traits for each breed.
  • History of our cattle: we look at the cattle of today and how they've changed in the last 300 years.
  • Looking to the future: Mark Waters of the ICBF and Kevin McDermott of Sheep Ireland talk through some of the newest developments in the sectors.
  • New technologies: how line breeding could be part of your next breeding programme.
  • International breeders: we have contributions from top breeders from Australia, Brazil, South Africa, Denmark and more.
  • 10-page Alberta focus: from the home of beef production in Canada, we visited three of its most progressive pedigree herds and examine the province in relation to Ireland.
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