In Australia since 2009, a nurse and pregnant with her first child, Leza Doran gives her perspective.

Not exactly how I thought my first pregnancy would be celebrated that’s for sure!

I work three days a week in the local hospital in a range of roles including the emergency department (ED), operating theatre and infection control.

It keeps me busy that’s for sure, but I love the variety. The other four days a week and evenings are spent in our office running the paperwork side of our pest control business which I own with my husband Dane.

Back seat approach

It wasn’t until February that my concerns started to rise on hearing how things were progressing in Ireland. Australia still seemed to be taking a back seat approach to gaining control or flattening the curve.

I discussed my working conditions with my obstetrician. He said I was at no higher risk than any of my colleagues and with the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) I could continue to work as normal.

Given the unknown of both ED and theatre, I was apprehensive and concerned. These areas were not where I wanted to be during my first pregnancy and, thankfully, my manager also agreed.

Given the variation of roles I cover, I was able to move from clinical duties and am now working solely within the infection control portfolio.


Obviously, given COVID-19 is a major concern for all staff concerned, infection control plays a huge role, so I have plenty to do.

It has given me the opportunity to learn about COVID-19, keep on top of all the updates and processes that are required and help staff with questions they have.

I am currently in the process of opening up two COVID-19-specific clinics within the hospital, so that we can divert testing of patients with mild symptoms elsewhere, so that we are not utilising our ED staff and resources unnecessarily.

People still need their termites treated which keeps us busy

On a business front, thankfully we are in pest control within the wheatbelt. Dane works the majority of his time in isolation due to the chemicals he uses and the type of work it is.

Suffice to say, he is already very competent when it comes to PPE. And even during this very difficult time people still need their termites treated which keeps us busy. Therefore, we have not felt the pinch of lockdown like other businesses have.

My life basically consists of walking the dog in the morning, going to work - whether that’s at the hospital or our office - and home again.

We do have one treat a week though, on Tuesdays we go to my sister’s house for dinner and I get to see all my nieces and nephew.

Leza Doran is a nurse working in a rural hospital in Western Australia

It's complete craziness, but we love it. Can’t wait until we can add to the craziness with Baby D.

Thankfully, because they have listened to the isolation rules and are doing the right thing, we don’t need to worry about going out to their property, even though at times I do need to remind them about washing their hands!

People say it’s important to keep life simple during pregnancy and thanks to COVID-19 that is exactly what I am forced to do.

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