Seven ewes and 23 lambs were killed by two dogs on a farm over the weekend in Ballinacarrow, Co Sligo, Kevin McGlone told the Irish Farmers Journal.

“I know the man who owns the dogs that killed my sheep. He has two dogs...who have killed sheep in the area before.

“A neighbour [saw] the dogs in my field attacking the sheep. He went in and chased the dogs out but the damage had already been done.

“The whole flock was worried and a few jumped into the river beside the field which is 60 feet wide.”

Injured and missing

A further three ewes remain missing, the incident has been reported to the gardaí and local dog warden.

McGlone continued: “I want these two dogs put down before they attack my flock again. I have asked the gardaí to take the dogs away but this hasn’t happened yet for whatever reason.

“I would like a DNA test to be done in order to prove that these two dogs killed my sheep and have the evidence ready for court.”

Two ewes and two lambs that survived the attack have substantial injuries to their legs.

“I am currently looking after the injured sheep but they are very badly hurt and I suspect they might die in the coming days,” McGlone concluded.

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