Amazone debuted its latest developments in the combined fertiliser and lime spreading sector with the new trailed ZG-TX spreader.

The ZG-TX combines the accurate TS spreading system popular on its mounted machines with its disc-integrated AutoTS for border spreading, which provides automatic rate reduction on headlands.

The new spreader is designed to handle both granular fertiliser and bulk lime through the one machine, by converting between the TS spreading system and the newly developed lime spreading unit.

The manufacturer says that instead of a chute to guide the fertiliser onto the spreading disc, a defined delivery point adjustment is integrated into the ZG-TX.

To change from fertiliser to lime, Amazone says it takes around 25 minutes.

It says this enables features such as headland control and section control.

Spread rate regulation

It added that when combined with the optional FlowControl torque measuring system, an exact spread rate regulation is guaranteed.

The fertiliser is metered using the interaction between the electric double shutter and floor belt speed. The TS spreading unit provides precise spread up to working widths of 54m.

To change from fertiliser to lime, Amazone says it takes around 25 minutes.

This includes changing the spreading discs, the splash guard and the delivery system, while the terminal automatically recognises the conversion.

Only a few components have to be changed for conversion from fertiliser use to lime use.

Amazone say this newly developed spreading unit will spread lime at working widths up to 16m.