Claas has completed the restructuring of its combine portfolio with the unveiling of the Evion range, comprising three new models - Evion 410, Evion 430 and Evion 450, although the latter will not be available on either the UK or Irish markets due to crossover with the Trion range.

Since 2019, Claas has introduced two new ranges of walker and rotary separation combines - namely, the updated Lexion for large-scale farmers and the introduction of the Trion range for medium-sized farms.

Best suited for smaller, family farms harvesting modest acerage, the Evion range succeeds the discontinued Avero range and smaller Tucano models.

Although developed in Harsewinkel, Evion models will be produced at the Claas combine plant in Gaomi, China.

The technology on board the new Evion is based on the modular system used to build almost 40 versions of the Lexion and Trion.

The Evion offers a grain tank capacity of up to 6,500l and fast offloading at 90 l/s.

The two five-walker models destined for Irish and UK markets are the 204hp Evion 410 and the 231hp Evion 430, with header options up to 6.8m and 5,600l and 6,500l grain tanks. Both models include a three-speed manual shift, 30km/h, hydrostatic transmission.

Evidence of the modular system is seen with the sharing of Trion and Lexion headers up to 6.8m, the drive system which is also partly based on components from the Trion and Lexion, and the 6.7l Cummins B6.7 engine block, which is fitted on Trion models.

Sticking with engines, dynamic power is an engine management system which delivers only the power that is required at a particular time, claiming improved fuel economy by up to 10%.

Two versions are being offered - Classic, which is a basic machine designed solely for threshing, and a Trend version, which adds a number of features, including ground contour adaption for the header.


Both Evion models are equipped with a single-drum tangential threshing unit with a 1.40m-wide feeder housing and 600mm threshing drum.

The Evion features a single-drum threshing unit, with large 600mm threshing drum and a feeder housing width of 1,420 mm.

The synchronised impeller transfers the crop to the five 4.40m-long straw walkers. The result is a total concave area of 0.95m2 and a separation area of 6.25m2 provided by the straw walkers.

The centre risers of the straw walkers have been redesigned to loosen the crop mat more effectively and enable a faster transfer to the next straw walker racks.

The concave is hydraulically adjustable from the cab and features an integrated overload protection system. Concave sections are easily accessed through the stone trap.

Sensors assist the operator by monitoring crop flow on the straw walkers. As soon as blockages begin to develop, the operator receives a visual and audible alert through the Cemis 700 terminal.

Cemos auto crop flow is an additional feature that automatically deactivates the header and halts the intake of crop if a block or belt slippage is imminent.

Cleaning and cab

The Evion uses a similar sieve design to the larger Trion and Lexion models, offering a total sieve area of 4.8m2. In addition to electric sieve adjustment, loss measurement system is a standard feature.

The auto slope function is optionally available for automatic adjustment of fan speed when harvesting uphill or downhill, while the 3D lateral tilt cleaning system is also an option.

The Cmotion armrest is aided by the Cebis 700 Isobus terminal.

The spacious cab contains an armrest with the familiar CMotion multi-function lever and Cemis 700 7in touchscreen Isobus terminal. Here, the operator can store jobs and record fuel consumption, etc.

Adding to the terminal's versatility, it can be removed from the cab and used for other tasks with tractors and implements.

The Evion benefits from a spacious cab with air conditioning as standard.

The standard LED lighting package can be upgraded to include grain tank and maintenance lights under the side panels. Both models are equipped with climate control and a camera as standard.

Foot rests, 30l cool box, air-suspended comfort seat, electric mirrors and an additional camera are all options.

The range will be available for order from 1 October ahead of delivery for the 2024 harvest season.