ClonBio group, the Irish-owned manufacturer of bioproducts from grain and bioethanol through its subsidiary Pannonia Bio, posted an increase in profits to €96m for 2020.

Former Bank of Ireland chief executive Richie Boucher, has also been appointed as chair.

Operations are concentrated in its Hungarian-based biorefinery and managed by Pannonia Bio, with 300 people employed and sales to 35 different countries.

During 2020, over 1m tonnes of maize, grown in the area, was processed into more than 500m litres of ethanol, 350,000t GMO-free high-protein animal feed and 10,000t corn oil.

A valuable byproduct from the protein extraction process is bioethanol/alcohol. One of its uses is the production of hand sanitiser.

Demand for this product soared due to COVID-19.

Biofuel, fibre and oils were also produced to be used in a range of industrial and feed applications.