On Monday, Cork Marts Corrin held its annual Christmas fat lamb show and sale.

There was over 550 sheep on offer and the task of judging was left up to two renowned Cork-based butchers and wholesalers Cristóir O’Crualoi and Eddie O’Farrell.

The overall champion pen of lambs weighed 60.4kg and sold for a whopping €315 (€5.21/kg).

The second-prizewinning lambs in the over-50kg class weighed 56.8kg and sold for €200 (€3.52/kg), followed closely by the third-prizewinners weighing 58.4kg selling for €178 (€3.05/kg).

The first-prizewinners in the 50kg and under class weighed 50kg and sold for €180 (€3.60/kg), with the second-prizewinners weighing 43.6kg and fetching €140 (€3.21/kg).

Overall, there was an exceptional trade for both butchers’ lambs and the factory types, with most lots surpassing the €100 with the weight mark quite freely, with both butchers and factory agents anxious to secure the prime lots as we head into the Christmas period.

Other sample prices include a pen of well-bred clean lambs weighing 54.8kg selling for €166 (€3.03/kg) and a similar pen of clean lambs weighing 51kg selling for €168 (€3.29/kg).

Mart manager Sean Leahy commented: “There was a large entry with great demand for fat lambs and quality butchers lambs.”

In pictures

This pen of five ewe lambs weighing 58.4kg sold for €178 (€3.05/kg).

This pen of five clean lambs weighing 56.8kg sold for €200 (€3.52/kg).

This pen of five supreme champion clean lambs weighing 60.4 kg sold for €315 (€5.21/kg).

This pen of five clean lambs weighing 52.4kg sold for €159 (€3.03/kg).

This pen of seven clean lambs weighing 61.7kg sold for €166 (€2.69/kg).