The Donegal Cheviot and Cheviot Cross Breeders group held its third annual sale in Ballybofey and Stranorlar Mart, Co Donegal, on Friday night.

There was an entry of about 1,300 head comprising Suffolk-Cheviot crosses, Cheviot sheep, Cheviot x Blackface crosses and Cheviot Mules.

There was a solid trade across all classes, with Suffolk-Cheviot crosses recording the highest entry of sheep and the highest prices.

The trade for Suffolk-Cheviot cross hoggets was particularly brisk, with an entry of 249 hoggets recording a fine average price of €211.68. Prices ranged from €145 to €300, with the main run of sheep trading between €175 and €260 per head.

The trade for Suffolk-Cheviot cross lambs was also brisk, with 336 lambs averaging €135 per head. Prices ranged from upward of €92 for lighter lots to a top of €170 to €192 for a strong selection of excellent-quality ewe lambs.

Cheviots in demand

There has been a resurgence in demand for Cheviot sheep in recent years and Friday night’s sale continued this trend.

An entry of 250 hoggets averaged €187, with a price range of €130 to €275. Eleven lots exceeded €200 per head, another 16 lots ranged from €170 to €195 per head and 15 lots sold from €130 to €165 per head.

In the lamb section, an entry of 224 ewe lambs averaged €124 per head, with a price range of €88 to €166 per head.

An entry of 41 Cheviot Mule hoggets recorded a €1.50 per head higher average of €188.50. There was a tighter range in prices, from €175 to €240 per head.

The 102 Cheviot Mule lambs also sold well, ranging in price from €98 to €166 and averaging €134.

Blackface and Cheviot crosses recorded the lowest average but these were the lightest sheep on offer and the trade was still described as solid.

The 52 hoggets on offer averaged €158 per head with a price range of €145 to €190 while an entry of 81 ewe lambs averaged €87 per head with a tight price range of €76 to €100 per head.


The entry of sheep presented from Manus McHugh from Dunfanaghy and Sean McHugh from Burt was exceptional and secured first, second and third positions in the show for Suffolk Cheviot hoggets and ewe lambs, respectively. The prize winners are as follows:

Cheviot hogget ewe prize winners

  • First - Lot 24, owned by James Morrow – also awarded supreme champion of the show.
  • Second - lot 25, owned by James Morrow.
  • Third - lot 49, owned by Mary Lyons
  • Cheviot-Suffolk cross hogget winners

  • First - Lot 66, owned by Manus McHugh.
  • Second - lot 67, owned by Manus McHugh.
  • Third - Lot 68, owned by Manus McHugh.
  • Cheviot X Suffolk ewe lamb winners

  • First - Lot 159, owned by Sean Mc Hugh.
  • Second - lot 160, owned by Sean Mc Hugh.
  • Third - Lot 161, owned by Sean Mc Hugh.
  • Cheviot Ewe lamb winners

  • First - lot 143, owned by Dermot Gallagher.
  • Second - lot 138, owned by Peter Boyle.
  • Third - lot 147, owned by James Lorinyenko.
  • Cheviot Mule Hoggets winners

  • First - Lot 214, Michael Leonard.
  • Second - Lot 223, Michael Leonard.
  • Third - Lot 91, James Morrow.
  • Cheviot mule ewe lambs results

  • First - lot 214, owned by Michael Leonard, also awarded reserve champion lambs.
  • Second - lot 223, Michael Leonard.
  • Third - lot 224, Manus McHugh.
  • Cheviot and Blackface cross results
  • First - lot 109, Leo McGroary.
  • Second - lot 101, John/Rita Gallagher.
  • Third - lot 102, Tommy Boyle.
  • Pictures from the sale will be available on and in next week's print edition.