Minister must deliver interim ACRES payments by end of month - Kerrane
Anne O'Donoghue
Deputy Claire Kerrane said Minister Charlie McConalgue, in the Dáil this Thursday, reiterated his commitment to delivering all interim ACRES payments by the close of February.
21 February 2024 News
'More clarity' needed on impact of rewetting
The Sinn Féin spokesperson believes that the economic impact assessment of rewetting is overdue.
21 February 2024 News
Nitrates derogation has to be retained - Kerrane
Farmers will be impacted if we lose the derogation, but they're not the only ones impacting on water quality, Claire Kerrane holds.
Sinn Féin wants full convergence in next CAP
In the second part of a wide-ranging interview, Claire Kerrane shares her views on convergence, rewetting and the nitrates derogation.
21 February 2024 News
Sinn Féin TD calls for answers on Shannon Callows 'mess'
Claire Kerrane claims that the Department of Agriculture moved to deliberately limit the number of farmers who could access compensation.
14 February 2024 News
Minister must communicate what is happening in ACRES - Kerrane
Farmers have held up their side of the agreement, have delivered their actions under ACRES and they should be paid for their work, Sinn Féin's Claire Kerrane said.
13 February 2024 Schemes
Sinn Féin TD calls for immediate publication of ash dieback strategy
The issue of ash dieback continues to worsen with no sight of a strategy, Deputy Claire Kerrane says.
8 February 2024 News
Sinn Féin TD renews calls for River Shannon management group
Minister Pippa Hackett said on Tuesday that it is not sustainable to keep compensating flood-hit farmers.
23 January 2024 News
Better engagement with advisers on scheme deadlines needed - Sinn Féin
Agricultural advisers have faced mounting workloads and a series of challenging deadlines in recent months, Claire Kerrane has said.
18 January 2024 News
Knowledge transfer accessibility issues need to be addressed, says Sinn Féin
Concerns have been raised that knowledge transfer (KT) eligibility criteria could potentially exclude women farmers and young farmers.
11 January 2024 News
Details of forgotten farmer scheme now a year late - Kerrane
Sinn Féin’s spokesperson on agriculture reiterated her call for a forgotten farmer scheme to be delivered by the Minister for Agriculture.
8 January 2024 News
Opinion: my political awards for 2023
Who were the politicians who most impacted on farming during 2023? How will they fare next year?
28 December 2023 Opinion