How can farmers be expected to invest in slurry storage?
Jack Kennedy
Many farmers have plans to increase their slurry storage but say that they are finding it difficult to justify the cost, given the lack of clarity around the future of the Nitrates regulations.
22 May 2024 Viewpoints
Balmoral boosts summer positivity
Any business that can’t grow volume and value is immediately on the back foot.
22 May 2024 Editorial
Editorial: voting for who to represent us at European level matters
Your vote shapes our future in Europe. Make sure your voice is heard, writes Ciara Leahy.
Winter finisher problems continue
We have slaughtered an extra 20,000 cows so far in 2024, the majority of which are dairy cows.
22 May 2024 Viewpoints
Debt levels up at farm service providers
Small businesses must stand up for themselves and complete cash flows.
15 May 2024 Viewpoints
Editorial: the eyesore that is campaign posters
With many candidates declaring their commitment to sustainability and the environment, should we not be phasing out campaign posters, writes Ciara Leahy.
15 May 2024 Editorial
Irish Farmers Journal / KPMG report on food security
Irish food producers are moving into an era where supermarkets are far more conscious of food security.
15 May 2024 Viewpoints
Time for candidates to work for their farmer constituents
At the very mention of water quality, anger levels rose in the western farmers and the very same happened in Kilkenny.
8 May 2024 Viewpoints
Editorial: WhatsApp group configurations
WhatsApp groups have become a sociological spectacle fusing all the different social permutations in your life, writes Ciara Leahy.
8 May 2024 Editorial
Cheddar investment in Northern Ireland
Dale Farm has moved to reward the farmer to further flatten the milk curve, and I presume to increase volumes processed on an annual basis.
8 May 2024 Viewpoints
BISS application - the most important job of the year
BISS – The advice remains to get an application in and to make amendments after if necessary.
8 May 2024 Viewpoints
Editorial: every number behind the scoliosis scandal is that of a child in pain
Two young boys tell two powerful stories in this week's Irish Country Living. One is heartbreaking, the other heartwarming and our readers need to hear both, writes Ciara Leahy.
1 May 2024 Editorial