NI Trends: positive beef trade as supplies tighten; lamb trade steadies
Kieran Mailey
There is more life in the beef trade across Northern Ireland, as supplies continue to tighten. The lamb trade has finally settled after downward price pressure.
Tight supplies underpin NI beef trade
There is a more positive outlook for prices within the beef trade this week and improved demand in the live ring is benefiting lamb prices.
Cull cows prices down 48p/kg in 2024
Market reports show a significant price drop in cull cow prices when compared to 2023 levels.
NI Trends: prime cattle steady but cows on the up
Prices for prime cattle are steady in Northern Ireland, although there is more life in the cow trade.
19 June 2024 Markets
Beef trade on the up
Adam Woods has news of an increase in quotes in factories this week.
12 June 2024 Markets
Factories lag behind mart trade for lambs
The live trade in NI is returning higher prices to farmers with slaughter-fit lambs for sale.
12 June 2024 Northern Ireland
NI trends: Price deals on offer for bigger numbers; live trade on fire for lambs
Beef finishers with a good supply of cattle are finding it easier to negotiate on price, while the live trade is on fire for fat lambs.
12 June 2024 Markets
NI Trends: prime cattle prices steady as numbers tighten
Cattle prices have hardened this week as number tighten. Lamb prices in the live ring are running well ahead of local factories.
5 June 2024 Markets
Beef prices edge up as lamb trade eases
Finished cattle are a slowly improving trade within NI, although lamb prices are easing.
Beef quotes remain steady ahead of holiday weekend
Adam Woods has the latest on this week’s beef quotes, including the latest quotes available for finished cattle.
29 April 2024 Markets
Beef prices: factories make move to pull quotes
Adam Woods has the latest on this week’s beef trade including the latest factory quotes for factory finished animals.
15 April 2024 Markets
No change to beef quotes
Adam Woods takes a look at this week’s beef trade, including the latest quotes that farmers are receiving for finished cattle.
8 April 2024 Markets