The GAA Social

Now, GAA podcasts are available in abundance and there are very good ones out there.

But in terms of the human interest side of things, The GAA Social is top-shelf.

It’s from BCC Sounds and though it covers all aspects of GAA, it has a Northern Ireland focus.

There is some analysis and a focus on current issues in GAA, but it really is the player interviews that set this podcast apart.

Hosted by Thomas Niblock and Oisín McConville, they really get the very best from guests.

Richie Power speaking about recovering from a gambling addiction and Darren McCurry discussing returning to Tyrone football have been definite highlights.

What Did You Eat This Week?

This one is pretty simple - if you like the presenter James Kavanagh, you’ll love this. James Kavanagh is a social media personality with a passion for food.

What Did You Eat This Week? has plenty of both personality and food. James interviews celebrity guests about what they eat.

The concept may seem niche and foodie, but really it’s not. All food is discussed, from fine dining to petrol station sandwiches.

If you like fly-on-the-wall, chat-style podcasts, you’ll love this.

Unusual Suspects

True crime drama has become a huge podcast genre and Unusual Suspects is the one everyone is talking about at the minute.

This podcast is from GoLoud and produced by award-winning documentary maker Eoin Brennan.

It takes a look at one of the most unbelievable heists in US history and the ‘unusual suspects’ behind it.

Across seven episodes, Eoin unravels the story, coming across two Irishmen implicated in the crime, an Irish priest and a former IRA H-block prisoner turned comic book dealer.

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