Chair of the Irish Grain Growers Group Bobby Miller has said that while farmers appreciate that this year’s prices are well above average, there should be “more on the table” from grain mills and co-ops.

“They are not following the usual model where they use the Matif price for reference,” he commented.

He also advised farmers to shop around to get the best price for their grain, saying some farmers have been getting €7/t more for both barley and wheat by doing so.

“It pays farmers to shop around, even when there are good yields and prices.

“We recognise prices are very good but we are also acutely aware that our costs will soar in 2022, in terms of fertiliser, diesel and machinery costs,” Miller added.

Straw incorporation

In terms of straw, demand remains strong but the weather is making harvesting difficult, according to Miller. Farmers are “fighting the elements”, he says.

“The straw incorporation measure has been welcomed by tillage farmers, and the Irish Grain Growers Group would like to see it rolled over for the coming years,” he said.