Grass weed problems are now visible in many crops and it is time to address them.

Farmers should take note of where these weeds are located and try to decide where they came from if they are new to a field.

Then action should be taken to control these weeds. Some can be pulled, while others may need to be sprayed off using glyphosate if there is a heavy infestation. These weeds should not be allowed go to seed.

To know what you’re dealing with, this article includes pictures below of some of the common grassweeds of tillage crops.

Identifying grass weeds by picture

A single blackgrass plant in winter barley shows its capacity to multiply thanks to the big number of heads (45+) and the large number of seeds per head.

Sterile brome has a very open panicle with soft sprawling stems that make it very difficult to rogue.

Italian ryegrass is an increasing grass weed problem in Irish tillage fields.

Wild oats are a noxious weed.

Lesser canary grass.

Scutch grass in a field of spring barley.

Annual meadowgrass is a problem in many tillage fields.