Extremely high temperatures are forecast for Sunday 17, Monday 18 and Tuesday 19 July, with forecasts of 30°C in places. As harvest gets into full swing, it’s important to mind yourself and mind machinery.

Keep machinery as clean and cool as possible. Radiators on combines should be kept blown down and balers should be kept as clean as possible.

Hot weather will make for dry crops and bring in crops very quickly, but it can also impact people, and farmers and drivers should ensure that they are drinking enough water and fluids in the warm weather.

Suncream is also an essential item to have on hand and top up during the day.

With good weather comes somewhat less pressure. As good weather is being forecast it may offer a chance to get more rest and take a proper break for dinner, for example. The harvest is only starting now and for many will continue for a number of weeks, so refuel when you can.

This year, there is also added time sensitive work, so the pressure with workload will be high as stubble cultivation needs to take place within seven days of harvest or seven days of baling.

In all cases, shallow stubble cultivation should take place within 14 days of harvest. This is under new nitrates regulations announced in March.