I’m a great lover of fish. We are an island and there is so much good-quality fresh fish available. A lot of people seem a bit afraid of cooking fish. They are worried about overcooking and undercooking. Well, there will be no worries with these recipes as the fish cooks beautifully in the sauce and will be just right every time. It’s foolproof. So two tasty fish suppers today. The hake and potato stew with an almond crumb is very easy to cook. I often do an even simpler version of it at home. The almond crumb makes it into something just a bit more glamorous. This recipe will work well with any fish you enjoy and it is extra special with shellfish. These days saffron is easy to find. But you could use turmeric instead.

The smoked haddock pie is perfect for putting straight on the table with a serving spoon and a large bowl of salad – then everyone can help themselves. If you eat gluten-free, you could replace the filo crust with mashed potato. I like the haddock undyed. It is usually better quality, full of flavour and not too salty then.