The Boeing aircraft dispute between the EU and the US continues to roll on.

Last week the US government announced that additional tariffs will be imposed on French and German wine (non-sparkling) as well as some cognac and grape brandies.

Reports are showing that the tariffs look set to cause problems not only for sellers in the EU, but also for the food and restaurant trade in the US.

The Irish feed industry continues to be affected by tariffs applied by the EU to US beet pulp and molasses in this dispute. The Irish Grain and Feed Association has contacted both the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Trade in a bid to avoid these tariffs on orders which were placed before their implementation.

UK drops tariffs

The UK government has suspended the retaliatory tariffs imposed in November by the EU.

This means that beet pulp or molasses from the US will not be subject to 25% tariffs when entering the UK from now on.

Dairy and alcohol tariffs

Some EU dairy and alcohol products have already been subject to tariffs and Irish dairy and whiskey will be hoping to keep out of the fray as the 16-year dispute rumbles on.

Tariffs already exist on single malt Scotch whisky and single malt whiskey from Northern Ireland, as well as wine, liqueurs and cordials from various countries which are exported to the US.