Thousands of farmers in the Netherlands have taken to their tractors to protest in The Hague.

A crowd of 10,000 farmers joined a protest on Tuesday against the government in order to highlight problems in the agricultural sector.

According to the organiser’s website "In recent years, politicians, media and activists have sketched a negative image about farmers. We are not animal traffickers and environmental polluters; we have a heart for our company.”

Fences that were erected around government buildings haven’t been effective, as protestors crashed through the barriers with tractors.

ANWB, the road and drivers organisation, said that the 1,050km of traffic jams on the roads “makes this the busiest morning rush hour in Dutch history”.

Videos of the protest have saturated social media and some farmers even took to travelling the beaches in order to avoid the jams.

LTO Netherland, a Dutch farmers' representative body, said that it "shares the concern and indignation. Too often, the social appreciation for our sector is the victim of voting for political gain”.

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