There have been multiple reports of pneumonia in calves over the past week on the back of changeable weather patterns.

Calves have had to deal with warm sun one minute, then heavy showers the next.

Temperatures are mild by day and cold at night, all of which have combined to put young animals under stress.

Farmers should be herding cattle more often during periods when the risk of pneumonia is high. Pay attention to calves for heavy breathing while at rest.

Signs to watch for

But not all calves will exhibit heavy breathing or coughing. Watch for calves that appear dull, off colour, lethargic and look empty around the stomach.

Sick calves will have a high temperature, so anything over 39.5C should be treated. Suspect calves should be treated as early as possible. Continue to monitor calves for a short period after treatment.

Once weather conditions settle, the risk period will decrease.

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