Macroom Mart held a special autumn-born weanling show and sale on Saturday, with 180 weanlings on offer alongside the regular sale.

Trade was very lively across the weight ranges, with up to €3.45 available for well-conformed weanlings around the 350kg mark.

Back among the pack, €2.50 to €2.90 was freely available for the bulk of the suckler-bred stock.

A selection of traditional beef breed crosses from the dairy herd came within a whisker of hitting that price range too.

Prices for bulls from 450kg and up were back a fraction compared to prices of six weeks ago but they still remained very solid sellers.

This October 2021-born bulls weighed 442kg and sold for €1,350 (€3.05/kg).

This November 2021-born bull weighed 440kg and sold for €1,160 (€2.64/kg).

These October 2021-born bulls weighed 348kg and sold for €900 (€2.59/kg).

This November 2021-born bull weighed 365kg and sold for €1,260 (€3.45/kg).

This December 2021-born bulls weighed 400kg and sold for €1,110 (€2.78/kg).

This January 2022-born bull weighed 445kg and sold for €1,230 (€2.76/kg).

Those bulls were making up to €3.05/kg for well-fleshed or E and U grade potential stock and back to €2.25/kg for plainer R grading stock.

In other years, prices from €2/kg to €2.20/kg would have been the going rate so while prices are back a fraction for those bulls compared to late June, they are still ahead of most years.

The weanling heifer trade was solid if not as spectacular as the bulls, with a price range running from €2.90/kg back to €2.40/kg.

This February 2022-born bull weighed 320kg and sold for €830 (€2.59/kg).

This October 2021-born bull weighed 465kg and sold for €1,300 (€2.80/kg).

These September 2021-born bulls weighed 395kg and sold for €1,110 (€2.81/kg).

This November 2021-born bull weighed 355kg and sold for €1,110 (€3.13/kg).

This November 2021-born bull weighed 355kg and sold for €1,200 (€3.38/kg).

This November 2021-born bulls weighed 387kg and sold for €1,100 (€2.84/kg).

Commenting after the sale, mart manager, Jerh O’Sullivan said: “We had a great yard of weanlings, better than expected. We wouldn’t be noted as autumn-born weanling country really, so I was very pleased with it.

“Hardly any weanlings went unsold so that’s always a good barometer. I thought there was a good lively trade with a good level of activity both online and ringside.”

He also noted that there were more December- to February-born calves that wouldn’t usually come out until October and more appetite for dairy-cross weanlings.

“Maybe farmers have culled cows after scanning and decided to cash in the calf now too rather than feed on with ration for two months.

“The dairy-cross weanling too has seen a bit more activity this autumn with demand reflecting the forward store trade for Angus and Hereford cross cattle.

“At weanling sales they might have been viewed as the bottom of the pile before, but there is a strong customer base for them now.

“Some farmers are opting for them now rather than pay bigger money for the heavier store.”