Elphin Mart had a big entry of stock at its special heifer sale last Wednesday, with 275 lots going through the ring.

The trade across the country has eased back a little in recent weeks, especially for plainer types of cattle.

Top-end cattle are still a very solid trade and Elphin Mart was full of them last Wednesday.

The top third of heifers in the sale came in at €3.20/kg, while average-quality heifers were selling at €2.79/kg. Lesser-type heifers were trading around the €2.50/kg mark.

In terms of the top third of heifers in the sale, it was Limousin heifers that came out on top at €3.30/kg, followed by Belgian Blues at €3.21/kg and Charolais just behind that at €3.20/kg.

Top calls

Some of the top calls in the bullock section included €2,240 being paid for a 745kg Charolais bullock and €2,140 being paid for a 730kg Charolais bullock.

Speaking to the Irish Farmers Journal Elphin Mart manager Ciaran Lynch said: “We had a great yard of heifers through the mart on Wednesday.

"There was great appetite for the good heifer, with a few breeding heifers making exceptional prices.

"The sale achieved a 100% clearance in the bullocks and a 95% clearance in the heifers."

Elphin Mart will hold a special sale of organic cattle on Monday 4 December. This sale will also include 21 pedigree Limousin heifers from the North Western Limousin Club and a special sale of 40 in-calf heifers.

Check out the videos of some the highest prices heifers in the sale below:

This November 2021-born Limousin heifer weighed 630kg and sold for €2,900 (€4.60/kg).

This May 2022-born Charolais heifer weighed 580kg and sold for €2,500 (€4.31/kg).

This March 2022-born Charolais bullock weighed 745kg and sold for €2,240 (€3.01/kg).

This November 2021-born Salers bullock weighed 730kg and sold for €2,140 (€2.93/kg).

This March 2022-born Limousin heifer weighed 555kg and sold for €2,100 (€3.78/kg).

This October 2021-born Charolais bullocks weighed 615kg and sold for €2,070 (€3.37/kg).

This June 2021-born Charolais bullock weighed 615kg and sold for €2,020 (€3.28/kg).

This April 2022-born heifer weighed 500kg and sold for €1,980 (€3.96/kg).