February is one of the busiest months in the farming calendar.

Between lambing and calving, farmers barely have time to sleep, let alone think about Valentine's Day.

We have five tips for farmers who have forgotten all about this special occasion. Who said romance is dead?

Cook dinner

While you may not have time to bring your significant other out for a meal in a five-star restaurant, why not pick up some fresh produce and cook a meal.

You will be supporting local farmers while impressing your other half with your culinary skills.

Calving camera and chill

It may not be an ideal scenario, but try to take a couple of hours out of your busy schedule if possible to spend time together.

Sit down, stick on a good film and flick over to the calving camera every so often.

Promise them a night away after calving/lambing

Promise your other half that once you are out of the woods with calving/lambing, you will bring them for a special night away so the two of you can spend some quality time together after all the madness.

This may be a get out of jail card for all you last-minute romantics.

Bring your other half farming on Valentine's Day

This could be an opportunity for you to let your significant other see what life is like on the farm, especially if they are not from a farming background.

Take them out to the lambing or calving shed with you. After all, there is nothing more special than new life coming into the world.

It could be more romantic than you think!

Buy a card

If none of the above are options for you, the least you can do is buy your other half a small card or box of chocolates.

It won't break the bank, we promise. But it could save your bacon!