Saturday last saw Dowra Mart host its show and sale of autumn-born bulls, where close to 200 bulls went through the ring, as well as the mart hosting 270 other cattle from dry cows, bullocks, heifers and runners. The sale saw a clearance rate of 98%.

Factory-fit cows met a strong trade where some of these achieved €1,000 on top of their weight.

However, feeding cows were slightly back on previous weeks, with some of these cows struggling to make €2/kg.

This October 2020-born Limousin bull weighed 465kg and sold for €1,180 (€2.53/kg).

“We had a strong trade for fit cows this week, mainly driven by agents,” mart manager Terry McGovern said.

Bullocks saw a continued strong trade, with many of these making €1,100 on top of their weight for factory-fit bullocks, while some store bullocks for feeding met a strong trade also, selling for up to €2.40/kg.

This 2016-born Hereford bull weighed 1,005kg and sold for €1,800 (€1.79/kg).

Some dairy-bred bullocks came in slightly lower at €2.25/kg.

Heifers and weanling heifers met a similar trade to the bullocks.

Stronger factory-fit heifers were scarce, with some of these achieving prices of up to €2.85/kg, with an overall average for stronger heifers of €2.60/kg.

This March 2020-born Aberdeen Angus bull weighed 470kg and sold €900 (€1.91/kg).

Weanling heifer trade

Weanling heifers saw a similar trade, with a strong demand for heifers weighing 350kg-plus, with the top heifers in this bracket making close to €3/kg. The overall average for weanling heifers was €2.50/kg.

This December 2020-born third prize-winning Charolais bull weighed 340kg €1,020 (€3/kg).

“In recent weeks, we have seen an excellent demand for heifers, driven by a demand from northern customers,” McGovern told us.

Bull weanlings

This show and sale of bull weanlings was the first of the autumn period in Dowra.

There was a super demand for Charolais-cross bulls, with much export demand for these throughout the sale.

This October 2020-born Charolais bull 475kg and sold for €1,440 (€3.03/kg).

Bulls weighing 300kg to 400kg met an average of €3.10/kg, with a top price in this weight bracket of €3.65/kg.

Bulls from 400kg to 500kg saw a slightly lower average price than the lighter bulls at €2.70/kg, while heavier bulls weighing 500kg-plus were a great trade, with some of these making prices up to €1,000 with their weight.

This 2015-born Charolais cow weighed 750kg and sold for €1,350 (€1.80/kg).

The overall average for the bull weanling ring was €2.75/kg.

Terry said: “That heavy bull can sometimes be tricky, especially the way the bull beef job is going, so we were delighted with the trade and the clearance rate on the day.”

Other lots

This January 2021-born Simmental bull weighed 470kg and sold for €900 (€1.91/kg).

This September 2020-born first prize winning Limousin bull weighed 480kg €1,380 (€2.87/kg).

This December 2020-born Charolais bull weighed 380kg and sold for €1,020 (€2.68/kg).

This December 2020-born Charolais bull weighed 445kg and sold €1,180 (€2.65/kg).

This April 2019-born Charolais heifer weighed 455kg and sold for €1,020 (€2.24/kg).