Airfield Estate is calling out for more farmers to take part in their education initiative Farmer Time. This programme links Irish farmers with school classes and helps Irish children learn about food production, farming and the environment.

Almost 60% of current participating farmers are in dairying. Farmer Time would like to include more breadth and feature different types of farmers for the students to meet. Farmer Time administrator Ruth Fitzsimon says the days where a few students from each class would have a family farming connection are sadly gone, and the Farmer Time programme helps bridge the urban-rural divide.

“Ask a child where milk comes from and many will answer by naming a German retailer,” she says. “Connecting farmers directly with future consumers in the classroom, and allowing a teacher to guide the process is a real opportunity to shape learning into something that has meaning in real life.”

“Knowing more about food, gives you the opportunity to choose better,” Ruth says. “That’s why Farmer Time sits so well within Airfield’s mission. Helping people learn more about food – at any age – allows them to make the best food choices they can.”

Farmers interested in participating can contact Ruth: or visit