A new butter on the block

North Cork Creameries has launched a new butter brand called ÓR Real Irish Butter. After winning gold in the dairy-butter Blas na hÉireann awards, the name Ór (gold), is only fitting. Family farming is the backbone of the new butter. The milk used is sourced from local dairy farmers that have certified grass-fed cows. With butter-making techniques passed down through generations, the product promises to be rich, smooth and creamy - perfect for spreading and baking. The new product is tied to market research and consumer insight.

Pat Sheahan, CEO of North Cork Creameries, says: "More shoppers have been switching to butter for its clearly defined natural qualities, particularly during the pandemic, where consumers have been enjoying more butter for home cooking, bakery and daily use on the family table."

The ÓR Real Irish Butter is available in SuperValu stores across the country and will be another butter we get to enjoy on toast, warm, cooked spuds and in the cakes and treats that make winter that bit cosier. For more information, visit www.orbutter.ie.

Recipes that connect

To Be Irish At Christmas has launched as an e-cookbook.

Nothing adds quite as much atmosphere to the Christmas festivities as the food - the taste of ham, minced pies, Christmas puddings - the list goes on. The e-cookbook launch, To Be Irish At Christmas, could not have come at a better time. Irish chefs near and far have come together to share their favourite Christmas recipes. A nostalgic celebration of the most beloved Christmas meals and Irish culture, it's perfect for all of those with a connection to Ireland. All recipes will be shared between 8-23 December on ToBeIrish.ie/feastivities.

They include classics with a twist like Mark Moriarty’s kitsch prawn cocktail or Graham Herterich's show-stopping chocolate orange pavlova. Many recipes have been passed down for generations and this initiative is a good opportunity to get the kids in the kitchen and try out some of the receipes for yourself. For those who are far away or those who will be in Ireland this Christmas, this book create a connection across any distance.

SuperValu moves to be SuperSustainable

SuperValu is making a move towards sustainable packaging.

In line with its goal to reduce single-use plastic packaging in its stores, SuperValu is now selling some of its most popular products in sustainable packaging. Organic carrots, own-brand bananas and Signature Taste potatoes are the first products to make the move towards biodegradable packaging. The bananas are now wrapped in simple paper bands made from white Kraft paper. The Irish-grown Signature Tastes Maris Piper potatoes and Rooster potatoes will be sold in paper bags.

The bands and paper bags can be disposed of in the household green bin. As for the own-brand carrots, they will now be sold in compostable bags that can go into the household brown bins. The change packaging is estimated to reduce about 15 tonnes of plastic waste from circulation. SuperValu is aiming to make all of its own-brand fruit and vegetable compostable or reusable by 2025.

Ian Allen, managing director with SuperValu, said: "Reducing single-use plastic in all our SuperValu stores remains a priority for us and we are delighted to introduce new sustainable packaging across a number of our produce ranges."